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Topic Outline 8,9,10 - Ivan Ivanov APUSH Wright 4 October...

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Ivan Ivanov APUSH Wright 4 October 3 rd , 2010 Chapters 8-10 Outline A) The American Revolution, 1775-1783 1. After the battles of Lexington and Concord, the Second Continental Congress met on May 10, 1775. Unlike previously, this time all thirteen states were represented. There was no significant sentiment for independence because the colonies still believed that Britain would agree with states’ requests and all conflicts would resolve. However, this meeting proved to be beneficial due to the fact, on political basis, it elected George Washington as the leader of the army. 2. Declaration of Independence was a result of Richard Henry Lee’s of Virginia statement, that all states should break away from the crown. This resolution required colonies to make their statement more formal. Thus the job of writing the declaration fell upon Jefferson’s shoulders. The document served the purpose of telling other nations why the colonies were breaking apart from the crown. 3. British had the better hand at the beginning of the war due to the fact that Britain had about 500 ships and a large number of well fitted soldiers. a. The American Colonies needed funds for the war cause, and Benjamin Franklin was sent to France to establish an alliance with France. France hungry for revenge on Britain accepted the terms with few modifications. The alliance with France was overall beneficial because the majority of naval power came from the French. They also provided about half the troops for the land campaigns. b.
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Topic Outline 8,9,10 - Ivan Ivanov APUSH Wright 4 October...

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