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-Oregon Institute of Technology- Digital Signal Processing I Dr. Mateo Aboy EET 471 Course Syllabus 1 General Information Instructor: Prof. Dr. Mateo Aboy Office Hours: By Appointment Texts: Signal Processing First by McClellan, Computer Explorations in Discrete–Time Signals and Systems by Mateo Aboy. 2 Course Description Signals and Systems. Spectrum. Fourier Series. Time-Frequency Spectrum. Sampling and Aliasing. Reconstruction. Sampling Theorem. Discrete-Time Signals and Systems. Convolution Sum. Continuous- Time Signals and Systems. Frequency Response. Continuous-Time Fourier Transform. Relationship between CTFT, DTFT, DFT, and FFT. Spectrogram. Z-Transform. Introduction to Communication Systems. Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing. Research Project Development. 3 Course Outline Week 1. Introduction to DSP and SSP. Sinusoids. (Ch. 1, Ch. 2, A. 1) Week 2. Spectrum Representation. Fourier Series. Time–Frequency Spectrum. FM. (Ch. 3)
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This note was uploaded on 02/08/2011 for the course EET 471 taught by Professor Aboy during the Spring '10 term at Oregon Tech.

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Syllabus - -Oregon Institute of TechnologyDigital Signal...

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