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Isolation report - Isolation and Characterization of...

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Isolation and Characterization of Photobacterium phosphoreum 1. Introduction What is the phylogeny of the organism you isolated? (Give domain and division) Domain: Bacteria Phylum: Proteobacteria Class: Gammaproteobacteria Order: Vibrionales Family: Vibrionaceae Genus: Photobacterium Species: Photobacterium phosphoreum Where are these bacteria found in nature? - P. phosphoreum is mostly considered a marine bacterium because sodium ions are required for its growth. It lives in the depth of the ocean, seawater, marine sediments, in the guts of marine animals, and on the surface of decomposing fish. - They are found in marine environments, free living or attached to marine animals. What ecological role do they play? - Its major significance is their symbiotic relationship with some marine animals like fishes and squids. These marine animals have light organs that provide P. phosphoreum bacteria a safe place to inhabit and obtain food; while they use the light that the bacteria provide for camouflage, communication and even for attracting mates or escape from predators. Light emission can also aid to the propagation of the host. Another role that P. phosphoreum has is its ability of signaling the relative toxicity of a substance. This can happen due to the connection of the light producing process with its cellular metabolism . If the toxins disrupt the cellular metabolism, then the strength of the light produced decreases. What interesting or unique properties do they have?
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Isolation report - Isolation and Characterization of...

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