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Quiz 1 solution - QUIZ#1 Solution A simple pin-connected...

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QUIZ #1 – Solution A simple pin-connected truss is loaded and supported as shown in Fig. P1.11. All members of the truss are aluminum pipes that have an outside diameter of 4.00 in. and a wall thickness of 0.4 in. Determine the normal stress in member AB. Fig. P1.11 Solution Overall equilibrium: Begin the solution by determining the external reaction forces acting on the truss at supports A and B . Write equilibrium equations that include all external forces. Note that only the external forces (i.e., loads and reaction forces) are considered at this time. The internal forces acting in the truss members will be considered after the external reactions have been computed. The free-body diagram (FBD) of the entire truss is shown. The following equilibrium equations can be written for this structure: 2 kips 2 ki 0 ps x x x F A A Σ = + = = − (6 ft) (5 kips)(14 ft) (2 kips)(7 ft) 14 kips 0 y A y B B M Σ = = = 5 kips 0 9 kips y y y y F A B A = − Σ = + =
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Method of joints:
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