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Assessment 3 - Solutions

Assessment 3 - Solutions - wheels are undershot overshot...

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Asse 1. Dams that divert water cause sed 2. Sedimentation from dam and hyd reduce the overall contamination concentrations of pollutants tha areas.) 3. Some typical examples of water 4. In hydroelectric facilities, turbine 5. The amount of electricity that can that the water drops, but rather is that can be generated at a hydr rate. 6. Maximum flow rate and maximu (FALSE: maximum flow rate a power.) 7. Maximum flow rate for a turbine a. When the turbines extract b. When the turbines extract c. When the change in head d. When the major losses fro 8. At low values of specific speed ( a. Low and the increases in b. High and the decreases in c. Low and the decreases in d. High and the increase in h essment 3 – Solutions diment to drop out and collect in reservoir bottom droelectric facilities results in less concentration n of the area. (FALSE: Collection of sedimenta at are in the sediment that ultimately result in
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Unformatted text preview: wheels are undershot, overshot and breastshot .(T es are connected to generators to produce electri an be generated at a hydro plant is not greatly inf is most influenced by the flow rate. (FALSE: Th ro plant is determined by head – how far the um change in head conditions result in the maxim and maximum change in head conditions resu e in a hydroelectric facility (in the absence of a p ct no energy. ct no energy. d across the turbine is maximum. rom friction in piping are greater than minor loss (Ncust), the flow rates for pumps are: head are high. n head are low. n head are high. head are high ms. (TRUE) n of pollutants, and thus ation results in in high contamination (TRUE) ricity. (TRUE) fluenced by the distance he amount of electricity water drops, and flow imum extracted power. ult in no extracted pump) occurs when: ses....
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