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Center for Advanced Energy Systems Michael R. Muller, Director 640 Bartholomew Road, Piscataway NJ 08854 (908) 644-8469 FAX: (732) 445-0730 [email protected] http://caes.rutgers.edu 650:462 Power Plants Quiz 1 NAME: __________________________ September 22, 2010 Open books, notes A closed, rigid tank of volume 0.6 m 3 contain a two-phase liquid-vapor mixture of H 2 0 at 300 kPa. The volume occupied by saturated liquid is 3 x 10 3 cm 3 . Heat transfer takes place to the contents of the tank until all of the liquid is vaporized and only saturated vapor is present. Determine the final pressure, in kPa, and the amount of heating needed in kJ. Figure is NOT to scale! Solution: a) volume is constant, mixture specific volume is constant, pressure changes. b) quality is based on mass, not volume.
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