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Center for Advanced Energy Systems Michael R. Muller, Director 640 Bartholomew Road, Piscataway NJ 08854 (732) 445-3655 FAX: (732) 445-0730 [email protected] http://caes.rutgers.edu 650:462 Power Plants Quiz 4 NAME: __________________________ Closed book October 20, 2010 Answer each question briefly. Each is worth two points. 1. What is an MMBTU One Million BTUs 2. What is the difference between primary and secondary heating surfaces in a boiler? Primary surfaces can see the flame and have radiation as a major heat transfer mechanism 3. What does an economizer do on a utility sized boiler?
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Unformatted text preview: Uses waste heat from the combustion air to heat boiler feedwater 4. Is air pressure above or below atmospheric in most utility boilers? How is this controlled? Air pressure is slightly above atmospheric and is controlled by using both forced draft and induced draft fans 5. What are the limitations about how low stack temperatures can go? Plume dispersal and condensation of combustion byproducts 6. What is an attemperator? A device that sprays water into superheated steam to control steam temperature...
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