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Meaghan Dolan Lit360 Final essay Question #1 Love is one of the most sought after emotions; to share such a profound bond with another person seems to be a basic need along with food, water, and shelter. But how does one find love? Is it a careful calculation of actions and words? Is it a sporadic occurrence compelling people to do something? In Renaissance literature love, while it may find its base in spontaneity, seems best accomplished through careful, thoughtful actions. The story between Amadour and Florida is a definite example of this case. Amadour needed only to look at Florida and he was instantly in love. However, for Amadour to share his love he had to choose careful footing; knowing he could never marry Florida he married her best friend so that he could be close to her, he gained the respect of Florida’s mother, respect of the court in which Florida lived, etc. Amadour did everything he could so that his love with Florida could be pursued. He became close friends with Florida, however, despite the love she expressed for him, the was the only level of love she felt for him - platonic. Amadour chose his footing wisely up until he decided to try to get more out of the relationship, and in this I say that
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lit360final - Meaghan Dolan Lit360 Final essay Question#1...

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