04 PS1 - 5. Do exercise 10, p. 28 (parts (a) and (b) only)...

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Handout #4 CS103 March 29, 2010 Robert Plummer Problem Set #1—Due April 5 in class All of these problems are from the chapter by Rosen. This may look like a lot, but most of them have short answers, and many will only take a minute or two if you have done the reading and followed the lectures. Trying to do the whole problem set in one session, however, is not the best approach. You should notice that answers to the odd-numbered exercises are given at the end chapter. Almost all of the exercises you will do are similar to an odd-numbered exercise, so having a look at the answers to those will give you a lot of hints and clarification as to what is wanted. A couple of these are mentioned specifically below. Section 1.1, exercises on pp.17 – 20 1. Do exercises 10, p. 17. 2. Do exercise 28 (parts (e) and (d) only), p. 19. 3. Do exercise 48, p. 20. 4. Give a truth table for the following expression, using the style shown in class: ¬ (( ¬ p ¬ (q r)) (p q)) Section 1.2, exercises on pp. 28 – 30
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Do exercise 10, p. 28 (parts (a) and (b) only) 6. Do exercise 60, p.30 (parts (a) and (b) only) For #60, the definition of satisfiable is given just ahead of the problem. If the given compound proposition is satisfiable, demonstrate that by giving truth values for the variables that make the proposition evaluate to true. It the compound proposition is not satisfiable, explain why not. Do not use truth tables. Section 1.3, exercises on pp. 47 – 49 7. Do exercise 6, p. 47. 8. Do exercise 10, p. 47. (all parts except part (f)) 9. Do exercise 32, p.48. (Be sure to look at the solutions for exercise 33.) 10. Do exercise 44, p.49. M o r e o n b a c k → 2 Section 1.4, exercises on pp. 58 – 62 11. Do exercise 6, p.58. 12. Do exercise 12 (parts (d), (e), (i), (j), (k), and (o) only), p.59. 13. Do exercise 30, p. 61. For #30, if you are not sure about the instructions, see the instructions for exercise 31, which asks for the same thing. 14. Do exercise 40, p. 62....
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04 PS1 - 5. Do exercise 10, p. 28 (parts (a) and (b) only)...

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