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Handout #36 CS103 May 3, 2010 Robert Plummer Problem Set #6—Due Monday, May 10 in class All problems are from Sipser. When you are asked to construct a DFA or NFA, provide a state diagram. This is your first problem set of this type. Many of the parts are short and quick to do, but some are proofs and may take longer. Leaving this problem set till the night before would be a tactical error! 1. Exercise 1.4, p. 83, part e.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Exercise 1.5, p. 84, part d. 3. Exercise 1.6, p. 84, parts f, i, and n. 4. Exercise 1.7, p. 84, parts b and e. 5. Exercise 1.9, p.85, part a. 6. Exercise 1.12, p. 85. 7. Exercise 1.14, p.85. 8. Exercise 1.19, p. 86, part a. 9. Exercise 1.29, p. 88, part b. 10. Problem 1.36, p. 89. Notice that the Sipser exercises marked with an 'A' have solutions at the end of the chapter. These make good study material....
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