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Handout #44 CS103 May 10, 2010 Robert Plummer Problem Set #7—Due Monday, May 17 in class All problems except #4 are from Sipser. 1. Exercise 1.31, p. 88. 2. Exercise 2.2, p. 128, part a. 3. Exercise 2.4, p. 128, parts c and e. 4. (a) We have seen that {ww R | w {0, 1}*}, which is the language of even length palindromes, is not regular. Give a CFG for this language. (b) Let L be defined as follows: } 0 ( 0 : { 2 2 1 1 i n n n n n n n i k b a b a b a L k k Give a CFG for this language. Examples of strings in L are , abab, and aabbaaabbbabab.
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Unformatted text preview: In fact, } : { n b a L n n * . If you figure out how to generate individual elements of } : { n b a n n , and how to concatenate regions together, you should come up with a small grammar for L . 5. Exercise 2.16, p. 129. 6. Problem 2.26, p. 130. 7. Exercise 3.8, p. 160, part (b). To understand what is meant by an implementation level description, see the solution for part (a) of this problem on p. 163, or Example 3.7 on p. 143. 8. Exercise 3.9, part (a), p. 160....
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