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Handout #48 CS103 May 17, 2010 Robert Plummer Problem Set #8—Due Wednesday, May 26 in class All problems are from Sipser. 1. Exercise 4.2, p. 183. 2. Problem 4.12, p. 183. 3. Problem 4.15, p. 184. 3. Problem 4.19, p. 184. 4. Exercise 5.1, p. 211. Hint: Theorem 5.13 states that ALL CFG is undecidable. Use this fact to obtain a proof by contradiction. 5. Exercise 5.2, p. 211. Hint: remember that Theorem 4.7 states that A
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Unformatted text preview: CFG is decidable, and that in this problem, you are interested in a recognizer. 6. Exercise 5.4, p. 211. 7. Problem 5.9, p 211. Hint: Show that A TM m T by mapping M, w to a suitable M' , so that M, w A TM M' T. Note that the language T is descriptions of machines that accept w R whenever they accept w. That doesnt mean that your M' has to accept all w and w R ....
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