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55 PS9 - assume that you can associate a numeric value with...

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Handout #55 CS103 May 25, 2010 Robert Plummer Problem Set #9—Due Wednesday, June 2 in class No late days may be used for this assignment. All problems are from Sipser. 1. Problem 5.24, p. 212. 2. Problem 5.25, p. 212. Hint: use Problem 5.24. 3. Problem 5.33, p. 213. 4. Exercise 7.7, p. 295. 5. Exercise 7.10, p. 295. 6. Problem 7.17, p. 295. Hint: what is a characteristic shared by all languages that are not and not * ? 7. Problem 7.20 (a), p. 296. Hint: if you are designing an algorithm that marks nodes,
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Unformatted text preview: assume that you can associate a numeric value with a node, rather than just indicate whether it has been marked or not. Also, recall that a simple path is a path without any repeated nodes. 8. Problem 7.20 (b), p. 296. Note that UHAMPATH is the following language: UHAMPATH = {<G, s, t> | G is an undirected graph with a Hamiltonian path from s to t} You are again dealing with simple paths in this problem. Our Final Exam is Friday, June 4 in Hewlett 201 and 420-041. Room assignments will be announced....
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