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1 INTRODUCTION TO MICROECONOMICS: TUTORIAL PACK St Hilda’s College Michaelmas 2005 Introduction The purpose of the tutorial series is for you to build a solid understanding of the microeconomic concepts given in lectures. There will not be a heavy emphasis on mathematics, but coverage will nonetheless be rigorous and analytical. You will learn how to identify how concepts can be applied to real-world situations. Finally, you will develop your essay writing skills. This tutorial pack contains the questions for you to complete in each of the eight weeks of term. Some of the questions merely require you to read the applicable textbook pages or your lecture notes, while others will require you to apply your minds. Some questions will be hard, so please give yourselves enough time to do the tutorials. All questions are compulsory; failure to complete them satisfactorily will be taken most seriously. If you fail to demonstrate a high level of effort on time then you may be refused entry into the tutorial and will have to redo the work for early the following week. Economics at Oxford is very demanding, and you simply will not cope if you don’t work hard. It is therefore essential that you get into a disciplined work routine. I expect you to put in a great deal of effort. One of the challenges presented by the transition to university is you have to do most of the work yourself. We will not be able to cover all the work set in the tutorials. You will nonetheless get feedback on every question through a combination of tutorial time, careful marking and printed solutions. Tutorial and hand-in times You have been placed into 3 groups: Group A: Anita, Katharina, Elsa, Hee-Jae, Safiyah Group B: Daria, Young Jae, Anasuya, Ivy Group C: Nadja-Stefanie, Assyl, Katie, Haimeng, Lydia On most weeks, Group A will meet at 2pm for an hour, group B will meet from 3-4pm and group C will meet from 4-5pm on Fridays. The venue is the Chester Room in Nuffield College on most weeks (1,2,3,5,7,8). In weeks 4 and 6, we are likely to split you up into smaller groups and have slightly different teaching arrangements. We will give you details in good. You must hand your assigned work into my pidge at Nuffield by 7pm the Thursday before. Don’t be late. Essay writing advice It is essential that you answer the question . Examiners are ruthless on people who don’t answer the question directly, even if the student clearly knows what she’s talking about. You must structure the essay appropriately. To do this, you must have thought about your answer and done all the relevant reading before you start. In your introduction, you must introduce and define the terms you are going to use and show how the next few pages will answer the question. Your body must have each of the points you wish to make separately introduced and explained before moving on. Your conclusion should summarise your points in a way that leaves a good impression. Finally, do not reproduce passages from your textbooks! I know it’s
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