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The Gift of Gab - communicate and then how without...

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THE HUMAN ADVENTURE (ANTH 100), SPRING 2011 Reading Summary Note: Reading summaries are due at the beginning of discussion for that week’s reading(s). Each reading must have its own summary sheet. You may type directly on this form or print it and fill it out by hand (but your writing must be legible!). Each summary is worth 5 points. Late summaries will not be accepted. Date: 02/06/2011 Your name: Robin Varghese Section day/time: MON 9:00- 9:50 Article title: The Gift Of Gab Article author(s): Matt Cartmill 1.) (1 point) In your own words, what is the author’s or authors’ thesis? What is the main idea of the article? The main idea of this article shows how observing trenches and holes in fossil skulls of Neanderthals can uncover an approximate time when our predecessors started to use language and express each other through communication. 2.) (3 points) How is the main idea supported? What evidence is presented? Be specific. Matt Cartmill uses specific examples starting by explaining how animals
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Unformatted text preview: communicate and then how without communication there would be no means of knowing what others need. The author states that 30,000 years ago people were talking. They have used carvings, rock paintings, and jewelry to express what they feel. Through symbolism they were able to communicate. However, paleontologists observed the brains of these people and sought for any signs of impression which showed areas of speech. The author states that one can tell whether a fossil hominid is able to talk by looking at brain impressions in the skull. (1 point) Do you agree with the author(s)? Why or why not? I agree with Matt Cartmill because through modern day technology if we were to look at the brain we could definitely if speech occurred. I believe that the language the people have used were probably just sounds and not actual language to us, but to them it might have been...
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