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Unformatted text preview: Department of Electrical Engineering - Systems EE 459Lx - Embedded Systems Design Laboratory Programming the Freescale MC908JL16 in Assembly Language (for CodeWarrior V6.x) by by Allan G. Weber Note: Freescale Semiconductor used to be Motorola Semiconductor and all the references to Freescale below used to refer to items of the same name previously from Motorola. Only the manufacturer name has changed. Some of the documentation in the EE 459 lab and online still says Motorola on the manuals but it is still the current documentation. 1 Introduction This document discusses the use of the CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers, Special Edition software for pro- gramming the Freescale HC08 microcontrollers in assembly language. Much if this document is generic and applies to any processor in the HC08 family. However parts that discuss things like memory layout are specific to the processor currently being used in the class. The class is currently using the MC908JL16 (sometimes listed as MC68HC908JL16 .) If the CodeWarrior compiler is used for other HC08 processors the information in these areas will have to be adjusted to match the other processor. 2 Installation Instructions The CodeWarrior installation software can be obtained from the instructor if you wish to install the software on your own system. It should run on any Windows 2000, XP or Vista system. To install the software: • Copy the installation file to your hard drive. Depending on the version it may have a name like “ CW_MCUs_V6_1.exe ” or “ CW_MCU_V6_2_SE_11262008.exe ”. • Double-click on the file you just copied. There may also be some patch or updates file with it. • Proceed through the series of questions and agreements posed to you. The program will try to install itself under the Program Files folder of your C drive. Feel free to change that if you desire. When you are asked what type of installation you desire, choose “Complete”. • If there are any update files these can also be installed. • After the installation is complete, reboot your system. The CodeWarrior application can be found in the Start menu under “All Programs”, “Freescale Code- Warrior ”, “CW for Microcontrollers V6.x”, “CodeWarrior IDE”. You should now be ready to run the CodeWarrior development system to create software for your microcontroller. EE 459Lx, Rev. 1/14/09 1 3 Starting a New Project In order to create a program for your microcontroller, you must first have CodeWarrior create a project. A CodeWarrior project is a folder that contains all the necessary files and configuration information to build the project. Start CodeWarrior from the desktop icon or the Start menu and follow these steps....
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CodeWarrior-ASM - Department of Electrical Engineering...

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