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Kim_Hammer_and_sickle - the world people irresistibly watch...

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WRT102 Jeffrey Green Hammer and sickle – Don DeLillo The character, Jerold Bradway, is in a minimum security prison for white collar criminal. He convicted of falsified hedge-fund deals. He watches his daughters on television that they read financial news about the imminent collapse of world economic systems. Children’s network is scripted by Bradway’s ex wife, and the show is popular with Bradway’s fellow inmates. It’s all about financial crimes. Ironically, most of them have a guilty of financial fraud. This news is more like a poetry. “The world’s only seven-star hotel.” “The world’s richest horse race.” “The world’s tallest building.” “All this in Dubai.” “But where is the oil?” “The oil is in Abu Dhabi. Say the name.” “Abu Dhabi “ This script is written by the mother of two daughters. Even the elder prisoner, the man who holds the remote controls, always turn on that channel. When the news views the positive, the inmates watch less, but as soon as a new collapse happened to
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Unformatted text preview: the world, people irresistibly watch TV with great interest. Two daughters talked about the collapse of Greece and the potential collapse of Ireland. Actually the narrator does not want other prisoners to know the relations with the show, but only tells his bunkmate. Narrator would have strange feeling that he has a guilty of financial fraud, but his wife and two daughters work for illuminating those kinds of news. I can realize that I only read some parts of the narrator’s life. It gives me a curiosity that I want to read whole part of the novel. There is so many parts that we don’t see, and there is so many parts that we discover such as narrator’s bunkmate likes art. The short novel “Hammer and sickle” by Don DeLillo is very interesting that people has great interest on what they have done. That’s the reason why mess media tends to illuminate bad side of the world....
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Kim_Hammer_and_sickle - the world people irresistibly watch...

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