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Jeffrey Green WRT102.04 Pessoa’s character is engaging in his self-pity and pessimistic on his work’s value. In the excerpt of his book “Disquiet,” the whole description of his writing shows pessimism and a negative point of view. Pessoa’s character is saying that everything we do, in art or in life, is imperfect whatever it is. In his text, he expresses his pessimism in his work, and I can feel his grief and agony in his works. “Page by page I slowly and lucidly reread everything I’ve written, and I find that it’s all worthless and should have been left unwritten.” He said, “What grieves me is that my best is no good.” He’s not satisfied with his own works and keeps
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Unformatted text preview: fixing them and rewriting them. He thought he didn’t put an effort as much as he could. Therefore, he is trying to say that whatever we’ve done is not the perfect piece. You can do better if you put an effort more than before. As you see his writing, he is too strict to himself. The whole script has a pessimistic mood and negative points of view. It infers that how he feels of his works. However, pessimism to one’s self is not always bad thing. He never settles for the present and wants to improve his life. It means he tries to push himself to do better work. I can feel his agony in his work through looking at his text....
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