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WRT102 Jeffrey Green Quitting The Paint Factory – Mark Slouka In "Quitting the Paint Factory," Mark Slouka writes how a strong work ethic deprives the masses of the right to be idle which is economically unproductive. The writer used the story “The Ant and the Grasshopper” to argue that the different points of view from the story writer tries to tell us. Mark Slouka tries to tell us that idleness is necessary in mass consumer culture. Idleness is described as the psychological inner space of human beings. “To figure out who we are, and what we believe, by allowing us time to consider what is unjust and what we might do about it.” Idleness gives us a chance to catch our breath. A strong work ethic is an important part of past American history. The Puritans, who migrated to New England, found many small and large entrepreneurs and built the infrastructure and industrial base of the West. At that time, hard work would be the path to survive and succeed which would serve them and their families. This work ethic,
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Kim_Quitting_the_paint_factory - WRT102 Jeffrey Green...

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