Kim_Wiggle_room - of work the beach was a winter beach,...

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WRT102 Jeffrey Green Wiggle Room – David Foster Wallace “Wiggle Room” focuses on a young I.R.S. agent’s fight against boredom as he does his work on the desk. Lane Dean thought that he sitting at his desk completing daily tasks that felt purposeless to him. Lane Dean uses a beach scene to try and help him escape his complete boredom. Dean fantasized about smoking a large number of cigarettes and running around and “waving his arms and shouting gibberish” on his break when it finally came, but nothing happened. One of my favorite parts of the excerpt is the continuance image of the beach. The agent has been visualized an afternoon at the beach as a way of refreshing himself mentally. It starts off as “a warm pretty beach with mellow surf,” but “after just an hour
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Unformatted text preview: of work the beach was a winter beach, cold and gray and the dead kelp like the hair of the drowned. A little later, the agents sunny beach has changed The beach now had solid cement instead of sand and the water was gray and barely moved, just quivered a little, like Jell-O thats almost set. Unbidden came ways to kill himself with Jell-O. This was an excellent visualization. I felt as if I was being there with Lane Dean. He keeps thinking this image of happiness and gets back to reality which he hates in the cubicles. Wallace describes how terrible thing happen around him. The computer screens was grey and employees all sat in cubicles....
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Kim_Wiggle_room - of work the beach was a winter beach,...

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