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AKloepfer_Manual Vs. Computerized_101509 - Computerized Vs...

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Computerized Vs. Manual Amanda Kloepfer Rasmussen College A280/ACG2930 Section 03 Accounting Capstone Rose Marie Gamba, CPA October 15, 2009
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Ed, Switching to a computerized accounting system can be a difficult task. I hope that this will help you to understand the  differences between a manual and a computerized system and what it will most likely cost to switch over to a  computerized system. Manual Accounting System: Advantage A manual accounting system has advantages like a cheaper workforce which leads to cheaper resources. Disadvantage There are many disadvantages to a manual accounting system like  manual records are easier to be falsified, modified, altered or vanished, as compared to computerized records which become very safe when using passwords, firewalls, and back-ups. Computerized Accounting System: Advantage Advantages of a computerized accounting system include an increase in accuracy that is less prone to human error. Disadvantage
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