Lesson 5 Azande-1 - LESSON 5 The Azande of Africa Reading...

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LESSON 5 The Azande of Africa Reading Assignment: Culture Sketches , Chapter 1: “The Azande: Witchcraft and Oracles in Africa.” Learning Objectives: After completing this lesson you should gain an understanding of the following: An overview of Azande society, location in the world, and history An overview of Azande culture, subsistence, and sociopolitical organization The importance of oracles and witchcraft in Azande society Anthropological perspectives on the logic of witchcraft in Azande society Key Terms: tsetse fly leveling mechanism bride price bands witchcraft poison oracles polygyny tribes E.E. Evans-Pritchard trickster tales polyandry chiefdom Sudan sleeping sickness religion sorcery/sorcerer magic Lecture Notes: Several new anthropological concepts are introduced in this chapter of your text book. One of the first things we learn is that Azande people traditionally built their homes to include a courtyard, which provided living and working space, and included a granary for storing millet. Moreover, this society was traditionally polygynous , which means that men could have multiple wives. [The term polygamy refers to multiple spouses, whether male or female. Polygyny is specifically multiple wives, while polyandry (found in only a few places in the world) means multiple husbands]. This marriage system had a great deal of influence on the structural design and arrangement of homes, as each woman (along with her children) needed to have her own house and granary; thus, multiple houses and granaries were arranged around the courtyard. In terms of subsistence, the Azande are a good example of how people have to
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Lesson 5 Azande-1 - LESSON 5 The Azande of Africa Reading...

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