Lesson 6 Nuer - LESSON 6 The Nuer Reading Assignment...

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LESSON 6 The Nuer Reading Assignment: Chapter 10: “The Nuer, Cattle and Kinship in Sudan” Watch the short film clip: The Nuer Learning Objectives: After completing this lesson, you should be able to: Describe traditional Nuer cattle herding culture and subsistence methods, and how these are shaped by climate and ecology Discuss the importance of cattle in Nuer society Discuss Nuer religious beliefs Key Terms: ecology of Nuerland horticulture cattle kraal (corral) bride wealth pastoralism cattle sacrifice beer Dinka segmentary lineage millet Leopard-skin chief Lecture Notes : You will read about the beliefs and customs of the Nuer in your text book chapter, as well as how the lives of many Nuer people have been changed by war and refugee status. Much of our original information about the Nuer comes from EE Evans Pritchard, who lived with the Nuer for about a year in 1930. At this time Sudan was governed by the “condominium” government of British and Egyptians. For the Nuer, political control in 1930 was much as it always had been--egalitarian society, based on kinship and lineages, organized into tribal sections, using “leopard skin chiefs” as mediators. A few British district commissioners appeared occasionally, but had little impact—Nuerland was too huge, the capitol Khartoum too far away, and transportation too difficult. Also around this time, a few Arab merchants had entered the area offering to trade fish hooks, metal spears and hoes, and beads, for grain, hides and goats. Traditionally, Nuer people had little conception of market exchange or currency.
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Lesson 6 Nuer - LESSON 6 The Nuer Reading Assignment...

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