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Lesson 7 Ju'hoansi - culture serves to maintain social...

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LESSON 7 The Ju/’hoansi of Africa’s Kalahari Desert Reading Assignment: Chapter 6: “The Ju/’hoansi: Reciprocity and Sharing.” Watch the film clips: N!ai, a Woman of the !Kung, and Bitter Melons Learning Objectives: After completing this lesson, you should Be able to broadly describe traditional Ju/’hoansi life and history Be able to discuss Ju/’hoansi subsistence strategies and sexual division of labor Have an understanding of the important role of egalitarianism in Ju/’hoansi society Have an understanding of some of the methods by which Ju/’hoansi
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Unformatted text preview: culture serves to maintain social order, and deal with disease and misfortune Key Terms: egalitarianism digging stick mongongo nuts Richard Lee joking relationships Kalahari Desert band or camp capture marriage hxaro gangwasi num and !kia Namibia Botswana Nyae Nyae avoidance relationships kaross Lecture Notes: For this lesson, I encourage you to increase your understanding by referring back to the discussion of hunter-gatherers in Lesson 2, as well as watching the film clips....
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