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Lesson 11 Trobriand Islands

Lesson 11 Trobriand Islands - to whom the method we call...

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LESSON 11 People of the Trobriand Islands Reading Assignment: Culture Sketches, Chapter 14: “The Trobriand Islanders: The Power of Exchange.” Learning Objectives: After completing this lesson, you should gain an understanding of the following: The lifestyle and subsistence strategies of Trobriand Islanders The importance of yams as both a social and economic commodity The important social and economic roles of both men and women The importance of kin members in rituals such as funerary rites Kula trade and its significance Key Terms : Malinowski Papua New Guinea yam house wife’s brother skirts and bundles matriline Kula trade (Kula ring) yam competition “workers” and “owners” Lecture Notes: The Trobriand Islands were made famous in anthropology primarily through the work of one man, Bronislau Malinowski, who spent several years doing fieldwork there during the 1940s, and
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Unformatted text preview: to whom the method we call “participant observation” is most often attributed. Malinowski undertook his fieldwork using a theoretical perspective called “functionalism.” He believed that the function of culture (including its beliefs and behaviors) was to satisfy the psychological, social, and biological needs of individuals. Check out the OPTIONAL film about the Trobriand Islanders (read the description for instructions on finding the segment specifically about the Trobriands and Kula trade). Also, in Week 5 one of the films you will be able to choose from is “Kula Ring of Power,” which is a great contemporary film about Kula trade and how Trobriand people are having to alter their traditional practices to accommodate modern life....
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  • Papua New Guinea, Trobriand Islands, Bronisław Malinowski, trobriand islanders, Milne Bay Province, Kula trade

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Lesson 11 Trobriand Islands - to whom the method we call...

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