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Lesson 13: The Basseri 1) Give a verbal sketch of Basseri daily life and camp movements. Who decides where and when to stop, and where and when to go in the morning? Describe how and why the group is organized into smaller units. What is meant by “distance as social idiom?” 2) What is the role of the chief? Describe his relationship with the tribal group and his various functions. How does the existence of such a chief help the Basseri to continue their migratory lifestyle even while living within a sedentary larger society? How do individual nomads profit from sedentary society even while continuing to live as nomads? Lesson 14: The Ojibwa 1) Provide a brief cultural sketch of the “traditional” Ojibwa. 2) Discuss the historical experience of Ojibwa people with the fur trade, colonial settlers and Canadian/American government, and missionaries. 3) Discuss the Ojibwa supernatural system of beliefs.
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Unformatted text preview: Lesson 15: The Hmong [watch the film “Becoming American”] 1) The Hmong, traditionally as well as now in the United States, place great importance on their patrilineal clan system a) true b) false 2) The Hmong have historically had a relationship with the Chinese characterized by goodwill, reciprocal trade, and intermarriage. a) true b) false 3) As immigrants in the United States, Hmong people have shown themselves eager to assimilate. a) true b) false 4) In Hmong traditional life, neither premarital sex nor pregnancy before marriage had stigma attached to it. a) true b) false 5) The Hmong have lived in Southeast Asia for thousands of years. a) true b) false 6) Discuss 3 examples of the importance of balance and equilibrium for the Hmong. (7) Why do you think the title of this chapter (”Struggle and Perseverance”) is an appropriate one? Week Four Study Materials...
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