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RVCC Intro to Psych Final exam POTENTIAL QUESTIONS fall 2010

RVCC Intro to Psych Final exam POTENTIAL QUESTIONS fall...

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Name: _________________________________ Date: _____________ RVCC Introduction to Psychology FINAL EXAM POTENTIAL QUESTIONS -Fall 2010 1. On the telephone, Dominic rattles off a list of 10 grocery items for Kyoko to bring home from the store. Immediately after hearing the list, Kyoko attempts to write down the items. She is most likely to forget the items: A) at the beginning of the list. B) at the end of the list. C) in the middle of the list. D) at the beginning and in the middle of the list. 2. By presenting research participants with three rows of three letters each for only a fraction of a second, Sperling demonstrated that people have ________ memory. 3. Semantic encoding is to visual encoding as ________ is to ________. 4. Effortful processing can only occur with: 5. Long-term potentiation refers to: A) the impact of overlearning on retention. B) an automatic tendency to recall emotionally significant events. C) an increase in a neuron's firing potential. D) the process of learning something without any conscious memory of having learned it. 6. Faqu-qui still remembers exactly where she was when JFK was assassinated. This is an example of: 7. ____________ is/are synonymous with short-term memory. 8. Esor Renhcob went to a party and met 10 new people. When she got home, she could only remember the first two and last three people she met. This is due to the: 9. The process of getting information into memory is called: A) retention. B) chunking. C) encoding. D) registering. 10. Implicit memory is to explicit memory as ________ is to ________. 11. Mrs. Ramos claims to remember being sexually abused by her father when she was less than a year old. Memory experts are most likely to doubt the reliability of her memory due to their awareness of:
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