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Emily Priborkin Girl With A Pearl Earring Pages 1-28 Griet first encounters the Vermeers when they arrive at her household to observe her and to make the decision on whether she would become their second servant. Mas- ter Vermeer keeps taking notice of how Griet carefully separates the colors of the veget- ables while she cooks. The family decides to hire her. Although, Griet does not feel fa- vorably towards the decision because the Vermeers are Catholic, while she is Protest- ant. There is still obviously tension between the two religions even though Holland is known in 1660 as being tolerant of both religions. Griet has no choice to work for the family because her father cannot work as a tiler anymore due to an accident that blinded him and because her brother is in an apprenticeship for tiling. While her sister is too young to work, Griet is able to and thus accepts the servant job. After meeting with the Vermeer family and their servant Tanneke, Griet tries to become accustomed to her new living quarters, which proves difficult for her. Pages 28-45 After Griet’s first time working at the household, she is given a special assign- ment by the Vermeer. She must clean his studio, while making sure that every single object within it stays in place. At first, Griet is reluctant and quite frightened of having anything moved from its place but after a while she becomes used to moving things to and fro while cleaning. Griet also meets the young Pieter, the son of the regular butcher she obtains meat from. Although Griet does not particularly care for Pieter, he seems to take a liking to her. The artist vermeer seems mysterious to Griet. He does not acknow- ledge her directly and does not speak to her. He has not said a word to his new servant since the day he asked her about her’s separating the colors of the vegetables. Pages 45-75 As Vermeer paints more and more of the picture, Griet seems to notice subtle dif- ferences, like his taking away a map from the scene. Also, she and Johannes begin to discuss his painting as he asks her what she sees in a device that projects a mirror im- age of the scene he paints. Griet now seems to understand that Johannes has a differ- ent perspective as an artist. Suddenly, Griet learns that her family is quarantined within a section of houses that contain the plague and Griet is horrified. Although she wants to
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Untitled - Emily Priborkin Girl With A Pearl Earring Pages...

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