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ITM 309 Spring, 2011 Exam One Topics: Review Outline February 7, 2011 Information Systems in Business – Chapter 1 Apple Case and Class Discussion Porter’s Five Forces Model Porter’s Three Generic Strategies Model Value Chain (focus on a slide in lecture note, no need for percentage) and Value Chain Analysis Business Competitive Advantages Using IT Enablers Strategic Decision Making – Chapter 2 Harley-Davidson Case and Class Discussion (3-4 questions) Decision Support Systems TPS, DSS, and EIS (def, how they different to use) HBR: Staple Yourself To An Order Business Process Definitions Business Process Improvement Business Process Reengineering
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Unformatted text preview: Business Process Management Systems Thinking and Systems Components (diagram, know business thinking in general) Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining (a video here) eBusiness – Chapter 3 Case and Class Discussion World Wide Web Disruptive vs. Sustaining Technologies Accessing Internet Information Providing Internet Information; ISP, OSP, ASP Notice: Figure3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.12(have to know the concept of Wireless Internet service provider only). Guest Speakers Dow Chemical – 1/31/11 Text book is ussed for complement the lecture notes. 44 mc questions 3.5 pointe per question. 65 in total. no late required...
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ITM_309_Exam_One_Review - Business Process Management...

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