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Lee1 Jong Soo Lee Professor Fenyves ISNS 3332.001 1 February 2011 Replace of energy for the future During the last two centuries the population among the world increase about 6 times, 2 times of life expectancy, and about 35 times of energy uses. Due to population increase and the need of raise the standards of living in developing, transitional countries, and climate change among the world, energy demand will need new energy and technologies on a huge scale. All energy resources will be required to achieve the varying needs of the different countries and to improve the security of each one against the kind of energy crises that have occurred in the past. New facilities will be needed both to meet the increased demand and to replace outdated equipment among the counties. The most common and important considerations may include: the global energy situation and demand, Emphasis given to handling global warming, the availability of coal, gas, and importantly oil, the availability of renewable energy resources, and opportunities for nuclear power and etc. Renewable energy, the most important concept of replacing of energy for the future,
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