Primary Eye care manual - border of eyelids by your finger...

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Primary Eye Care Manual Examination skill I How to examine an eye? Wash your hands by soap Use your index and thumb fingers gently to stretch eyelids open. Check out the following signs of the ordinary (healthy) eyes. 1. The cornea must be clear. 2. The pupil must be black 3. The white of the eye must be white. 4. The eyelids must open and close properly. Examination skill II How to examine an eye of a small child?
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1. Make sit child with child’s mother or father 2. You sit in front to face of child’s mother or father 3. Keep the child’s face look up and head on your lap 4. Ask the child’s mother or father hold the child’s body and hands. Ask the parent to hold the child in a gentle 5. Keep the child’s head in between your knees 6. Now your hands will be freely to check the child’s eyes . 7. Do the exam of eyes to follow the Skill I. 8. After examination , wash your hands by soap Examination skill III How to everting the eyelids for examine? 1. Ask the patient to look down. 2. Hold the eyelids and
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Unformatted text preview: border of eyelids by your finger tops 3. Place the cotton bud (like a pencil object) midway from the eyelid margin and turn the eyelid against steady and gentle pressure on the upper eyelid 4. Examine the bottom part of eyelid Treatment skill I How to instilling eye drops ? 1. Ask the patient to look up and head back 2. With the thumb to gently hold down the lower eyelid 3. Allow eye drops to fall inside the part of the lower eyelid. 4. Take care and do not allow the bottle or pipette to touch the eyelid skin or eye lashes Treatment skill II How to making an eye pad? 1. You will need : Cotton wool, Scissors , Gauze, Plaster 2. Place the cotton wool between the two pieces of gauze. 3. Cut the cotton wool and gauze into an oval shape measuring approximately to hide eye. 4. Position the eye pad diagonally over the closed lids and secure the plaster to the forehead and cheek Emergency Treatment skill I How to Irrigation of the Eye...
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Primary Eye care manual - border of eyelids by your finger...

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