FRE 1131 syllabus Spring 11-2

FRE 1131 syllabus Spring 11-2 - FRE 1131 Spring 2011...

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FRE 1131 – Spring 2011 INFORMATION FOR THE STUDENT FRE 1131 Instructor's name: ______________________ Office: ___________________ Office hours: __________________________ Telephone: ________________ E-Mail: ___________________ REQUIRED MATERIALS: Textbook complete package : (available at all bookstores ) Anover and Antes, À Vous!: The Global French Experience , 1st edition Anover and Antes., Student Activities Manual: À Vous! , 1st edition Student Audio CDs: À Vous ! Photocopies : will be provided free of charge by Florida Book Syllabus and Course Materials packet for French 1131 THE FIRST-YEAR PROGRAM The first-year curriculum in French at UF consists of (1) FRE 1130 or 1180 and (2) FRE 1131 or 1182. In these courses, all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing are developed. On completion of FRE 1131, most students will have attained at least a "survival" proficiency in spoken French. Passing FRE 1131 (with a "C" or better, or "S") also meets the "10-credit" Foreign Language Requirement in the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LS) and Journalism (JM), whether FRE 1130 or 1180 was taken or not , so take the Placement Test and do your best if you have already had some French--you may save some time and money. Regardless of placement test results, students with more than two years of high school French are excluded from FRE 1130 . Those with more than three years of HS French are excluded from both 1130 and 1180 . FRE 1131 FRE 1131 is the continuation of FRE 1130 (or 1180) in the first-year French sequence at UF. It is a 5-credit course, meeting 5 hours a week, open to those students who either (1) completed FRE 1130 or 1180 with a C or better (or S); (2) placed into FRE 1131 as a result of the Placement Test; or (3) took four years of French in high school and did not place into a higher course. ALL STUDENTS WITH PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IN FRENCH MUST TAKE THE SAT II PLACEMENT TEST . Details concerning administration dates, times, place, cost, results, etc. are posted outside the Office of Instructional Resources (OIR) (TURLINGTON 1012 / 352-392-3989). Syllabus compliments of Florida Book Stores
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FRE 1131 – Spring 2011 Students who fail to produce SAT II scores , if and when necessary, are required to meet with the supervisor of the UF Elementary French program to be individually interviewed. This interview ensures that students are registered in the appropriate course level, avoiding having to move ill-placed students in the course of the semester. CLASSROOM APPROACH We teach our classes in French . Communicative contexts and grammatical guides are introduced in class through a variety of activities; acquisition is reinforced by interactive use of new structures and vocabulary. DAILY ATTENDANCE, THOROUGH PREPARATION OUTSIDE OF CLASS, AND PARTICIPATION IN CLASS ARE OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE. In addition, the audio cassettes and video segments which accompany the textbook will provide further listening practice. Please note that the material listed on your
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FRE 1131 syllabus Spring 11-2 - FRE 1131 Spring 2011...

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