182-2010-ps6KEY - STUDENT NAME...

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Unformatted text preview: STUDENT NAME __________________________________ LAB DAY___________ 20182-2010-problem set 6: Yeast Genetics 1. You carry out a genetic screen to identify yeast mutants that are unable to grow in the absence of asparagine (Asp- ). You mutagenize a MATa ura3 strain as well as a MAT ura3 strain and plate for single colonies on rich medium (YPD medium*). You then replica plate your colonies to minimal synthetic medium containing Ura but lacking Asp and look for colonies that fail to grow. You obtain 42 Asp- colonies from the MATa strain and 64 Asp- colonies from the MAT strain. You then mate cells from your colonies in all possible combinations and obtain the following results: 20 of the MATa Asp- strains ( MATa class 1) yield diploids that can grow on medium without Asp when mated to any one of 40 of the MAT strains, but not when mated to any of the remaining 24 MAT strains. You call these 40 MAT strains MAT class A. The remaining 22 MATa strains ( MATa class 2) do not produce Asp + diploids when mated to MAT class A strains, but produce only Asp + diploids when mated to any of the other 24 MAT Asp- strains (MAT class B). From this analysis how many complementation groups to your 106 Asp- mutants represent? (*YPD stands for y east extract, p eptone, d extrose) There are 2 complementation groups Class 1. (20 MATa class 1 + 24 MAT class B )=44 Complementation group I...
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182-2010-ps6KEY - STUDENT NAME...

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