y32 - Applications of Psychology Sex, Success, and Health...

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Unformatted text preview: Applications of Psychology Sex, Success, and Health • The Psychology of Sex • Kinsey • Masters and Johnson • Culture and Sex • Achievement • Intrinsic Motivation • Leadership Styles • The Psychology of Health • Stress and Disease • Maintaining Good Health 1 The Psychology of Sex • The Kinsey Report - 18,000 people surveyed • Suggested that people were pretty kinky • More represented surveys suggest people are more boring • Masters and Johnson’s study of the sexual response cycle • Excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution phases • Culture and Sex • Media images and satisfaction with our partners • Changes in sexual practices across cultures 2 Births to Unwed Mothers Across Time and Cultures 3 Achievement • The Development of Achievement Motivation • Lepper, Greene, & Nisbett (1973) Daycare Magic Markers Study • Building intrinsic motivation • Leadership Style • Fiedler ’s Research on task and social leadership • The importance of charisma 4 Rewards Wreck Intrinsic Motivation 20 Minutes Used 15 10 5 Expected Award No Award Unexpected Award 5 Building Intrinsic Motivation 6 The Psychology of Health • Placebo Effect • Recent Controversy • Stress • General Adaptation Syndrome • The Importance of Control in Stress • The Importance of Appraisals • Stress and the Immune System • The Effect of Stress on Cancer and Heart Disease • Promoting Health - Do’s and Don’ts • Do get Exercise, Relaxation, Social Support • Don’t Smoke or Overeat 7 General Adaptation Syndrome 8 Executive Rat Study 9 Importance of Appraisal 10 Life Style Modification and Heart Disease 11 Smoking and Premature Death 12 Obesity and Mortality 13 ...
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y32 - Applications of Psychology Sex, Success, and Health...

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