1.7 Intro to P, C, & A

1.7 Intro to P, C, & A - 1.7 Introduction to...

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Unformatted text preview: 1.7 Introduction to Perimeter, Circumference, & Area Circumference, p. 51 Rectangle Rectangle W (width) • Perimeter P=2l +2w l (le ngth) • Area A=lw Square Square • Perimeter P=4s S (side) • Area A=s2 Triangle Triangle • Perimeter P=a+b+c a h (height) b c • Area A= ½ bh (base) Circle Circle • Diameter d=2r • Circumference C=2πr • Area A=πr2 diameter us di ra ** Always use the π button on the calculator; ** even when the directions say to use 3.14. even Example: Find the perim. & area of the figure. Example: • P=2l +2w P=2(5in)+2(3in) P=10in+6in P=16in 5 in 3 in • A=lw A=(5in)(3in) A=15in2 Ex: Find the perim. & area of the figure. Ex: • P=4s P=4(20m) P=80m 20 m • A=s2 A=(20m)2 A=400m2 Ex: Find the perim. & area of the figure. Ex: • P=a+b+c P=5ft+7ft+6ft P=18 ft 4 ft 5 ft 7 ft 6 ft • A= ½ bh A= ½ (7ft)(4ft) A= ½ (28ft2) A= 14ft2 Ex: Find the circumference & area of the circle. circle. n 0i 1 • C=2πr C=2π(5in) C=10π in C≈31.4 in • A=πr2 A=π(5in)2 A=25π in2 A≈78.5 in2 Assignment Assignment ...
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