11.4 Circumference & Arc Length

114 circumference amp arc length

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Unformatted text preview: 11.4 Circumference & Arc Length Length p.683 Circumference Circumference • Defn. – the distance around a circle. • Thm. 11.6 – Circumference of a Circle – Circumference C = 2π r or C = π d or * Always use the π button on your calculator, Always NOT 3.14!!! NOT Ex: Find the circumference of a Ex Find circle with a diameter of 12 cm. (Round to 2 decimal places.) (Round C = 2π r C = 2π (6) C = 12π cm C = 37.70 cm OR C=πd C = π (12) C = 12π C = 37.70 cm * If asked to leave your If answer in terms of π...
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