11.4 Circumference & Arc Length

Like ex find the radius of a circle ex find with a

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Unformatted text preview: , the result would look like this. like Ex: Find the radius of a circle Ex Find with a circumference of 52 in. with C = 2π r 52 = 2π r 52/2π = r 8.28 in. ≈ r 8.28 OR C=πd 52 = π d 52 52/π = d 16.55 in. ≈ d 16.55 So, r ≈ 16.55/2 r ≈ 8.28 in. Arc Length Arc • Defn. – a piece of the circumference of piece a circle. circle. • The measure of an arc is in degrees. The measure • The length of an arc is in linear units. The length (such as ft, cm, etc.) (such Arc Length Corollary Arc • The...
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