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CHFD 2200 Chapter 9 – Physical and Cognitive Development in Childhood (6-11 y/o) Body Growth 1. Slow, regular patter (2-3 inches per year, 5-7 pounds per year) 2. Girls vs. Boys (girls slightly shorter on average until age 9, then trend reverses due to girls earlier growth spurt) 3. Lower portion of body growing fastest 4. Bones lengthen/ ossify (growth plate is line of cartilage) 5. Muscle mass and strength 6. Permanent teeth arrive (usually girls lose primary teeth first) Health Issues 1. Nutrition Regular eating schedule – seems to be very helpful (3 meals, 2 snacks per day) Variety of foods with significant calcium, zinc, and iron o 40% in 80’s had right amount of dairy products, 30% in 90’s o Most kids don’t get enough calcium. Zinc deficiency slows typical development Percentage body fat increases before puberty 2. Obesity Quadrupled since 1960’s (from 4% to 16%) Related health issues a. Impaired Glucose Tolerance b. Shortness of Breath —> asthma
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c. Obstructive sleep apnea d. Later cancers e. Earlier maturation f. Risk factors for heart disease g. Early death Predictive of Adult Obesity Causes of Obesity a. TV and Video Games —> low physical activity b. Less physical education (daily P.E. has decreased from 80% to 20%) c. Busy schedules d. Low SES e. Marketing/Availability of unhealthy food choices for children f. Parents’ feeding practices (either overfeed or underfeed, both lead to failure of children's own intake
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CHFD 2200(1) - CHFD 2200 Chapter 9 Physical and Cognitive...

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