CHFD 2200(3) - CHFD 2200 Chapter 11 Definition of Puberty...

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CHFD 2200 Chapter 11 Definition of Puberty Period of rapid physical maturation involving hormonal & bodily changes that take place primarily in early adolescence Involves o o Maturation of sexual characteristics Childhood through Adolescence: Skeletal and Body Growth Bone growth through epiphyseal plates Smoking inhibits growth, so does alcohol in extreme quantities Calcium/Vitamin D is important Growth Spurts and "Asynchronicity" Not all parts of the body grow at the same pace Asynchronicity in growth explains the "gangly look" in early adolescence (Extremities are first to hit growth spurt) Muscle Mass and Body Fat also change as total % of body composition Muscle mass % increases with age (there's a period where girls exceed boys, but switches by end of middle school) Body fat % increases faster for girl, but boys typically start out higher Sex Differences in Body Growth Boys Girls Growth Spurt Starts at 12.5 years old Starts at age 10 Proportions Shoulders broaden/longer legs Hips broaden Muscle-Fat Makeup Gain more muscle, aerobic efficiency Gain more muscle and more fat Nutrition What body need - more calories than an adult needs (boys 2700, girls 2200 per day), a lot of protein (45-60 g/day), calcium (1200 mg/day or 3-4 servings of calcium rich/dairy products), iron (12/15 mg per day for boys/girls -> meat, legumes, peanuts) What body typically gets - fast food, skipped meals Obesity (from less activity and TV/video games) - o Percent teens (12-19 y/o) who are overweight tripled from 1976-1908 (5%) to 2003-
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CHFD 2200(3) - CHFD 2200 Chapter 11 Definition of Puberty...

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