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CHFD 2201 - CHFD 2200 CHAPTER 7 Body growth slows(shape...

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CHFD 2200 CHAPTER 7 Body growth slows(shape becomes more streamlined) Growth plate disappears by age 20 Loss of baby teeth begins Influences on Physical Growth and Health Nature(Genes, Hormones[growth hormones]) Nurture(infectious diseases, malnutrition, childhood injuries, SES, immunizations) Infectious Disease and malnutrition Causes disease Disease: can cause malnutrition diarrhea; immunizations Immunizations Many American children lack full set Why? Financial Religion Lack of education/fear Implications Motor Skill Development in Early Childhood Critical/primetime of development Correlated with cognitive skills Piaget
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New research Example: motor music skills Two types of motor skills: gross and fine Gross Motor Skills in Early Childhood Balance improves Greater speed and endurance Gait smooth and rhythmic by age 2 Fine Motor Skills Self-help: dressing, eating Give child many opportunities
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