CHFD 2202

CHFD 2202 - Increasingly common(1980-96) Different rates...

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CHFD 2200 Language development during the play years Most rapid increase in all aspects of language development=before age 7 Why? Brain maturation Increase in social motivation and self-criticism More aware of others’ thoughts Body growth in middle childhood Slow, regular pattern Girls vs. boy Lower portion of body growing fastest Bones lengthen/ossify Permanent teeth arrive Health Issues in Middle Childhood Nutrition Obesity Common illnesses Nutrition Regular eating schedule Variety of foods with significant calcium, zinc and iron Growth spurts Percentage body fat increases before puberty
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Other health issues common to children in middle childhood Head lice Pinworms Asthma Bronchial tubes very sensitive to stimuli
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Unformatted text preview: Increasingly common(1980-96) Different rates for certain populations Children who are from low income, ethnic minority, or inner city families Rural Africa vs. Industrialized countries Theories/explanations for higher rates in certain populations and over time in all populations • Obesity • Pollution • Vitamin D • Cleaning chemicals • Aspirin vs. acetaminophen • Hygiene hypothesis Sex Differences Motor Development • Girls excel at fine motor skills • Boys excel at gross motor skills, sports Explanation for Gender differences in Motor Development in Middle Childhood—nurture! • Normative experiences • Media • Parental expectations *All affect self-perceptions*...
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CHFD 2202 - Increasingly common(1980-96) Different rates...

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