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- 1 SONET/SDH Dr. M. Hebaishy [email protected]
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- 2 Contents What is SONET? Physical Components SONET Protocols STS-1 Frame Format STS-3c Frame Format Scrambling Automatic Protection Switching
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- 3 SYNCHRONOUS OPTICAL NETWORK (SONET) is a standard for optical telecommunications transport. It was formulated by the ECSA for ANSI( American National Standards Institute ), which sets industry standards in the United States for telecommunications and other industries. The comprehensive SONET/Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) standard is expected to provide the transport infrastructure for worldwide telecommunications for at least the next two or three decades. The increased configuration flexibility and bandwidth availability of SONET provides significant advantages over the older telecommunications system. ملاعلا لود عيمج يف دمتعملا وهو ةيئوضلا فايللاا تاكبشل رايعم ثدحا وه SDH ةئيه ىلع نرمو نمازتم لكشب ةيرصبلا فايللاا ربع ةنيابتم تاعرسب تاراشإ ةدع لقنب موقت ةكبش يه SONET ةيرصبلا لماوحلا تاراطإ ىمست تاراطإ (Optical Carrier -OC) . What is SONET?
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- 4 Note SONET was developed by ANSI; SDH was developed by ITU-T. ANSI ( American National Standards Institute ). ITU T (Telecommunication Standardization Sector of the International Telecommunications Union) Let us first introduce the architecture of a SONET system: signals, devices, and connections.
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- 5 A simple network using SONET equipment
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