CHFD 2200

CHFD 2200 - • Industry(developing a sense of competence...

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CHFD 2200 ADOLESCENT BRAIN DEVELOPMENT Especially in Prefrontal Cortex Age 10-11:increase in Synaptic Connections Adolescence Pruning of unused connections Myelination Neurotransmitter changes(dopamine) Adolescent Moodiness Perceive more negative life events Stronger responses Less stable moods Piaget’s Theory Formal Operational Stage Propositional Thought Evaluating the logic of verbal propositions Hypothetico-deductive reasoning Deducing hypotheses from a general theory Pendulum problem Evaluating Piaget’s Theory on Formal Thought
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Education Prevalence among adolescents Culture Sex/gender Information-Processing Approach Views cognitive change as continuous Focus is on the thinking processes(computer analogy) Information Processing Improvements in Adolescence Processing speed, capacity and automaticity Knowledge Attention Inhibition Memory strategies Metacognition Middle Childhood: Industry vs. Inferiority
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Unformatted text preview: • Industry(developing a sense of competence at useful skills) vs. Inferiority(pessism) • End of Mid Childhood: able to rotate a map • Myelination: occurs in frontal lobe and corpus cerebellum Cognitive/Academic Milestones • Learn to read • Learn basic arithmetic(adding & subtracting, multiplication & division) • Build on these skills and commit to memory More kids read, higher reading score Language Development in Middle Childhood • Vocabulary: increases,connections between ideas • Pragmatics(appropriateness of language use) • Metacognition & Learning Development of Memory Strategies Rehearsal(early grade school) • Repeating information to oneself Organization(early grade school) • Grouping related items together Elaboration(end of mild childhood) • Creating a relationship between pieces of information not in same category...
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CHFD 2200 - • Industry(developing a sense of competence...

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