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CHFD 3930(1) - • The death of a spouse takes a greater...

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CHFD 3930 Women understand intimacy to mean feeling and expressing appreciation & enjoyment Young women are more likely to equate intimacy with expressions of appreciation whereas young men are more likely to associate intimacy with sex Men are younger than women when they first have intercourse Men’s desire for sex does not decline much as time passes, but their desire for closeness does. Women desire less sex as time passes, but their desire for closeness increases. Men are more likely to initiate sexual contact in their intimate relationships, and women are more likely to refuse this contact. Dyads hold less value for the reproductive fitness of men, and as the data on extramarital affairs suggest, men display less allegiance to their primary relationships than do women. Period of greatest stress for women occurs before the relationship dissolves; for men, their stress peaks after the relationship has ended Men enter new partnerships more quickly and in higher numbers than do women
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Unformatted text preview: • The death of a spouse takes a greater toll on men than women • Knowing whether someone is male or female does allow us to make reasonably good guesses about how they will approach their intimate relationships • Successful relationships are likely to be those in which individuals, regardless of their gender, have the opportunity to contribute their full potential to meeting these challenges while encouraging their partner to do the same • Gay and lesbian partners are sexual minorities • Gay and lesbian couples are often deprived of even the simplest and most routine ways of expressing intimacy in public such as holding hands or kissing good-bye • Regardless of sexual orientation, relationship happiness is higher when partners are more sexual sexually active, and several activity typically declines the longer a relationship continues....
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