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CHFD 3930 Self-proclaimed “Millionaire Matchmaker” Friendships and intimate relationships, unlike familial relationships, are relationships that we choose Attraction—process of evaluating another individual positively Sexual [romantic] attraction—process of finding someone desirable as a potential intimate partner Mate selection—process through which committed relationships are formed We are attached to people even if we never form relationships with them A person can feel attraction, sexual attraction, or romantic attraction without the object of
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Unformatted text preview: the attraction even being aware of it • We are attracted to people who possess positive traits & dislike people who possess negative traits • Physical appearance is one of the first and easiest things we can know about other people • Tendency for people to pair up with partners similar to them in appearance—matching phenomenon • People who are very attractive and accustomed to being admired might feel comfortable approaching other physically attractive people....
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