Profilesweek2 - Week 2: January 13, 2011 You as Media...

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Week 2: January 13, 2011 You as Media Consumers: Habits and Perceptions 1. Gentile, D.A (2009): Pathological video-game use among youths ages 8 to 18 Brief overview of the study’s approach, methods, and findings; description of study This study used a random national sample of American youth between ages 8 and 18 in order to provide more evidence for the already present idea of pathological gaming. It used the pathological gambling criteria from the DSM as a basis for the criteria of pathological gaming. An 11-itmen scaled based on this DSM criteria was used to assess video game use, and if a person exhibited at least six symptoms, they were diagnosed as pathological. This assessment was given through an online interview and was weighted based on “yes”, “no”, or “sometimes” responses. Findings indicated that there is a correlation between pathological gaming and negative impacts on everyday life. 8.5% of the national sample exhibited pathological gaming patterns. Something interesting was the discussion of the different house rules revolving around video games and how those impacted the results. It is also interesting reading about the negligence of some parents in regard to video games— some of the gamers used their own money to buy M-Rated games and their parents had no idea The study mentions that skipping household chores to play video games was the most reported disruption. Is it really acceptable to compare skipping chores with the detrimental effects of pathological gambling? I also noticed a lack of discussion in regard to SES. I think this needs to be addressed to increase validity. It was also noted that pathological gamers had been playing for more years. However, results indicate that age is not a factor. Clearly 18 year olds have been playing games longer than 8 year olds, so this seems somewhat paradoxical. Since there are no causal relationships noted, is there a way to figure out who is most at risk
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Profilesweek2 - Week 2: January 13, 2011 You as Media...

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