ProfilesWeek6 - Week 6 Sexual Objectification in the Media...

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Week 6: February 10, 2011 Sexual Objectification in the Media and Its Effects 19. Aubrey, J. S., Henson, J., Hopper, K. M., & Smith, S. (2009). A picture is worth twenty words (about the self): Testing the priming of visual sexual objectification on women’s self- objectification. This study was used to test the idea that visual illustrations of the sexual objectification of women’s bodies can increase women’s self objectification in the short term. Sexual objectification was operationally defined in two ways-body exposure and instances in which the focus is on isolated body parts. The body display category used a picture of a woman who was barely dressed and then the same picture with clothes painted over her. The body parts category included neutral images of non-objectified women and then two body parts unattached. There was a pilot procedure before the actual study where people rated the pictures on sexual objectification. The study sample consisted of 154 female undergraduates from one university. They had to complete 20 different statements about themselves that were coded ether positive, negative, or neutral. Results of the study indicate that women who were assigned to pictures of models with a lot of exposed skin used more negative descriptions of themselves than participants assigned to control images. Additionally, women were more affected by the body display image than the body parts condition. I liked how the study had a pilot run to test the operational definitions chosen. It shows that there was a chance for high reliability. I wish the study had participants assigned to both the body display images and the body parts condition, not either or. I think it would have led to stronger findings because you can see how both settings affect one person. The sample is not representative of all women. The study should have included women of all
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ProfilesWeek6 - Week 6 Sexual Objectification in the Media...

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