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amcult208final exam study guide - Amcult 208: Final Exam...

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Amcult 208: Final Exam -GREEN BOOK, 5 short essay questions -concept of inherit contradiction in American culture based on fact we are democracy- duality of valuing individual and conformity -whitman talks about expressive channels of hip: language, religion, song, dance, sex -“the first hip” slide- know those guys- Melville, Whitman, emerson… -foundation of hip: rejection of history and wanted to move into something new-being in “now”-must reject past, liberation of self, merging of high and low culture, embrace of paradox and ambivalence (hippies were distraught with paradox- free love, equality, hung on to traditional gender roles)(ambivalence- having mixed feelings), flirtation with the “other” (beats fascination with negros, hippies with eastern and native American religions) -characteristics of culture: culture is comprehensive- logical order, learned, has boundaries, agreed upon by consensus, generally tend to be conservative -subcultures as norms! BIG IDEA-will be on it! Subcultures are form of interference/interruption, “noise”, make mainstream want to do away or subdue subcultures bc of the interruption. They challenge norms, challenge traditional beliefs, act as a temporary block of normal order of things, make mainstream society divert its attention from normal activity
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amcult208final exam study guide - Amcult 208: Final Exam...

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