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Hooks, “Feminism is for Everybody” - Feminist Politics – Where We Stand Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression o Does not mean men were the enemy o Implies all sexist thinking and action is a problem. Originally very anti male – movement switched to an all out effort to create gender dominance Feminist was polarized o Reformist emphasized gender equality o Revolutionary thinkers did not want to just alter the system so men/women had equal rights they wanted to transform it to bring an end to patriarchy and sexism. o Reformist thinkers view stuck- women want what men had Reformist focus on class mobility, workforce equality All women can be feminist (liberals/conservatives) without changing their beliefs Feminist movement is losing momentum because movement has lost clear definitions JESSIE feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression the misunderstanding of feminist politics reflects the realty that most folks learn about feminism from patriarchal mass media and it is portrayed by women who are primarily committed to gender equality (equal work, equal pay) women later realized that they could be sexist as well and attempted to create gender justice we could only becomes sisters in struggle by confronting the ways women, through sex, class, and race, dominated and exploited other women lifestyle feminism ushered in the notion that there could be many versions of feminism (politics was slowly removed) feminist politics is losing strength become feminist movements have lost clear definitions, but we should reclaim and share them and start over let the movement begin again! (share the simple yet powerful message that feminism is a movement to end sexist oppression) Assumptions of the social construction of reality Kane-Low and Schuiling: Women’s Health From A Feminist Perspective Gender: persons self representation as a man or women and how social institutions based on the individuals gender presentation respond to that person – used when referring to social and cultural influences based on sex. Rooted in biology and shaped by environment and experience. Sex: the classification of living things as man or women according to their reproductive organs and functions assigned by chromosomal complement State of women’s health care today directly reflects women’s status and position in society Hooks definition of feminism- perspective that acknowledges the oppression of women within a patriarchal society, and struggles toward the elimination of sexist oppression and domination for all human beings. o Oppression- not having a choice
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Model of care based on feminist perspective – supports egalitarian relationships and identifies the women as the expert knower - components of a feminist perspective in Women’s Health o Focus on being with women not doing for women – partnership o Heterogeneity rather than homogeneity- assumption-
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womenstd 220F10 - Hooks, Feminism is for Everybody -...

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