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Learning Objectives and Reading Lectures 22 and 23 Lecture 22 READING: External readings (see the course website); Kotz p. 702 (Case Study). Understand These Concepts: How a “lock and key” approach can be used to inhibit protein activity. How drugs mimic natural structures to interact with receptors. The difference between an agonist and an antagonist. How subtle changes in receptor structure can affect the types of molecules that can bind to it. Master These Skills For a given drug, identify the main types of intermolecular forces with which it
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Unformatted text preview: can interact with a receptor. • Recognize common features of a drug and the endogenous agent. Lecture 23 READING: same as above . Understand These Concepts: • The difference between forward chemical genetics and reverse chemical genetics approaches to drug discovery. • That drugs need to have a specific range of properties in order to be effective. • The key considerations for drugs, including size, the number of H-bond interactions, and hydrophobicity (as measured by the partition coefficient)...
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